Mott’s Blog at Sea and the latest pictures documenting the departure from Grenada

Above: Nice pics from Annie in Grenada – Edmond Brown, Charlie, Mott and others – of course the Prime Minister was there to wave them off too!

Now we are in quite a duldrum out here in the Atlantic ocean. For the past day or so we have been moving at 1 or 2 knots only, the sails flopping back and forth making a rather unpleasant sound and the ocean swells throwing the ship left to write with almost no forward motion.

Nevertheless, the crew stays positive and mellow, we continue to eat good meals and maintain the ship. I crawled into the chocolate storage to check on everything and removed 5 chocolate bars, the new daily ration of eating chocolate for the crew. Everyone loves the chocolate onboard so much that the daily ration tends to disappear quickly. Lately, we have all been eating Nib-a-Licious. I continue to drink lots of Smilo just like I do when I am a land lubber.

Only other exciting thing that happened today was that we saw a whale, just around sunset. Our 2 ton (approx) mammalian aquatic cousin quietly surfaced and said a quick hello right behind our rudder as Charlie spotted first, as he was on the helm at the time. It is about 1am now and I am heading to the helm myself now for a shift.

taken from Mott’s Blog at Mott's Blog at Sea.

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