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Sailing with the Tres Hombres from Maarten Kal on Vimeo.

Short promotional film made to inform aspiring trainees to come sail with the Tres Hombres. This sailing vessel carries cargo emission free. For more information please visit

The thing about moving cargo on a strictly sailing vessel is that one’s schedule is really determined by the universe, not the individual! The Tres Hombres sailing ship (with no engine) had an ETA on tomorrow, March 9th, to arrive here in Grenada to pick up 4 tons of chocolate bars, myself and my friend Charlie. But, because of very unfavorable winds, sea and current, they will have tack much more, not being able to come straight down the line to Grenada. They are about half way between the DR and Grenada “as the crow flies” but will be going many more miles to get here. New ETA March 15th at best!

via Mott’s Blog at Sea.

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