‘Keep Calm and Carry On’: The Story of the Provenance of the Iconic World War II Poster

In an old Victorian railway station in the picturesque village of Alnwick, Northumberland, just South of the Scottish border, is a one-of-a-kind bookstore called Barter Books. The New Statesman called it “The British Library of secondhand books.” A model railway winds along a track laid out across row upon row of bookshelves in what was once the departure hall. During the winter months, customers sit and read by a roaring fire in the old waiting room.

Notice the model railway that runs above the bookshelves: we can’t yet confirm the inspiration for a similar train that runs around the ceiling of our new outlet in Chester but we should credit the site architect, Mark Prizeman, for coming up with the idea of installing it there.

via ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’: The Story of the Iconic World War II Poster | Open Culture.

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