Gru Grococo: A joint venture – Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Co

A unique cuvee, the first chocolate bar to be transported by Fair Transport sail to the UK. Priced in a way to shock: you enjoy the chocolate, the producers get the money – 100% of the profits! This chocolate bar has been artisanally manufactured minutes away from the 9 acre ‘Grococo’ farm in Hermitage, St Andrews, where the cocoa was harvested in February, 2012.

The dried cocoa beans are roasted and winnowed and the chocolate made at the Grenada Chocolate Company’s solar-powered micro-factory up the road. Antique melangeurs, home-made cocoa butter presses and modern refining and tempering equipment sit side by side in this extraordinary operation. To complete the environmentally sustainable circle, all the bars left Grenada on the Tres Hombres, a 32m square-rigged wooden sailing cargo ship with no engine on March 24th, 2012. The chocolate bars quietly matured on their 6 week journey to the UK, in the solar and wind-cooled holds. The 66% cocoa recipe, delicately roasted, ground and gently conched, brings out the best qualities of the pure Grenadian Trinitario terroir: full of fruit with notes of tobacco and grass which are typical of this extraordinary varietal.

Gru Grococo is exclusively available at the Rococo shops and website. All profits from this limited edition bar will be put back to support the radical organic cocoa co-operative in Grenada. As with special vintages of wines this chocolate is available en primeur if you buy before the bars reach the UK, at a special price.

This offer will end on 21st May. In Rococo shops they will retail at £11.95 a bar en primeur on the website £11.00 (Or 6 bars at £60 on this page) Orders will be despatched as soon as the chocolate arrives in London. Normal P&P apply. Alternatively, call 020 8761 8456 x 211 to arrange collection in one of our London stores.

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