Grenada Chocolate uses small batches, solar energy, chemical-free cacao and now green shipment

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Transportation accounts for approximately 25% of world energy demand and for more than 62% of all the oil used each year.

So when we study renewable energy options we soon become very aware of the fact that it’s usually in the transport issues that we end up ignoring, as we are so used to a highly transportable concentrated energy source like petrol to get around.

The Chocolate Company, specialized in making pure organic chocolate, shipped five tons of organic chocolate from Grenada to New York City (, England, Portsmouth, and of course Amsterdam.) The first batch of chocolate and the company’s founder Matt Green, were picked up in March. Even though the exact date of arrival was depending on the trade winds, the delivery took place in early April.

Using small batches, solar energy, chemical-free cacao and in addition the green shipment, it is a company that truly cares for the environment. So it may take a while, but at the end you will have a real piece of organic delicacy, shipped by a CO2 free sailboat.

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