From the Watchman’s Blog: First day and night at sea

First day and night at sea

This is my first log post from the sea! It is nighttime now and I am on watch, will be steering the ship from 11pm for an hr and then sleep four hrs and then on watch again at 4am. It is very beautiful out right now and the Tres Hombres ship is sailing along beautifully, too. We are going 7.7 knots right now, pretty gentle seas, although the boat is going up and down as I learn to type with this movement. The sky is full of stars and some planets and that is giving us enough light to walk around the deck with no other light.

The chocolate room is at 19 degrees C, and seems like it will not increase to more than 21 C overnight. In the morning I will turn the cooling system on again for a few hrs.

For now, all is very peaceful here crossing the Caribbean sea toward Puerto Rico and the Atlantic Ocean. No stops planned though until we reach the Azores Islands, as much as 30 more days at sea.

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