Fresh Film Footage from Grenada: The Harvest of Grococo organic cocoa beans

Hopefully you’ve seen our films showing the process of creating the chocolates bars in what we think is a uniquely fair way where the people living where the beans are grown are also involved in the added value of processing the raw material into the finished chocolate. Here you can see the start of the process where William and his crew are harvesting the beans that will be dried on the farm. From there the beans are dried and processed into the finished bars ready for fair transport to a world that loves not only the chocolate that they produce, but the way it is made to maximise the benefit to the producers who know how to grow and make cocoa using the most sustainable methods.

This is the first time we’ve seen the harvest, thanks to Caroline Lubbers who has been documenting the passage of the beans from the tree right through to shipment on board the Tres Hombres. You can read more about her discoveries on her blog at The Grenada Chocolate Tales.


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