First Bite of Grococo Cru 66%: made from pure Grenadian trinitario is full of red fruits with citrus notes.

gru rococo bars

Having set sail on March 24th, they arrived in Portsmouth on Saturday, following a brief stop in the Azores. Mott said:

“It was fantastic, a real adventure. There were no scary conditions, it was smooth sailing all the way. The Tres Hombres is a traditional brigantine – solid and fast. It felt very safe.”

Along with rum, coffee, wine and cocoa beans, the ship transported 24,000 bars of the Grenada Chocolate Company’s limited edition Gru Grococo, available exclusively at Rococo shops and on the website. We were lucky enough to be one of the first to try the bar, it’s a fantastic chocolate, 66%, made from pure Grenadian trinitario and is full of red fruits with citrus notes.Bars cost £11.95, with all profits going straight back to Grenada, to support the organic cocoa co-operative.

via Blog | Chocolate Week.

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