Exotic Rococo Chocolates reach Brisbane, Australia

montys downunder

Chocoholics take note – if you’ve moved on from the days of Freddo frogs and you are looking for a little depth of taste in comparison to your average Bertie Beetle, British brand Rococo Chocolates lets you venture into exotic flavours, while keeping within the world of cocoa.

As well as being delicious, Rococo chocolates are made with a little heart – all products are not only organic but fairly traded and ethically created. Farmed amongst the jungles of Grenada, the cocoa beans (Trinitario for the pedantic) are delicately produced on a small cocoa farm by locals.

Each bar comes wrapped in a beautifully whimsical packet – watercolours and patterns inspired by Chantal’s global adventures, as well as historical chocolate moulds. While she has four stores behind her in the UK, those who are Brisbane-based can grab the bars a little closer to home at Monty’s Chocolates in Paddington.

via Cafe Brisbane | Rococo Chocolates | The Weekend Edition.

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