Donna Wilson Chocolates review by Dwell

egg pair

We Dwellers are huge fans of Donna Wilson’s charming and crafty designs, and have highlighted many of her products online and in the magazine, including her egg cups, pouffes, house blanket, make-your-own-monster kit, and a bevy of other items. So we were excited to hear about her latest collaboration with Rococo Chocolates: a series of six hand-painted easter eggs made of white chocolate layered on top of dark chocolate.

The six-piece collection includes both solid and hollow eggs, but my favorite is Food Chain: a solid egg emblazoned with a carrot inside an egg painted with a rabbit inside a larger egg painted with a fox, all nested Russian Matryoshka-doll-style.

Wilson’s chocolates—including this rendition of the Owl and the Pussycat— are nearly too pretty to eat.

via Donna Wilson Chocolates – Products – Dwell.

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