Diamond Jubilee inspires Sea Salt Corgi Bar

corgi bar

Elegant and witty presentation is a hallmark of Rococo’s chocolate range, with Rococo’s founder Chantal Coady using her artistic talents to good effect. Rococo’s Diamond Jubilee Bar taps into the nation’s affection for animals, depicting a royal corgi both on the bar and the packet. “The corgi is something we did before for the Golden Jubilee,” explains Coady, “we just thought it was the perfect thing at that time and we still think it’s the perfect thing. The flavour is now milk with sea salt and we added the Union Jack, which seems to have become the motif of the whole Jubilee. Corgis are a bit of challenge, but I tried to make mine as elegant as possible! My Granny used to have a corgi which I remember. It was so fat it couldn’t go up the stairs and everyday at 4 o’clock it used to have a little saucer of tea. We’ve also done a Rococo Union Flag box – it’s got ragged edges slightly more one of those punk Union Jacks and we’ve put the Rococo design though it. I’m also very excited as I’ve been asked by a designer to collaborate and do some very special boxes that will go into the Palace.”

via Diamond Jubilee inspires British chocolatiers’ creativity | chocolatier.co.uk.

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