Come and try our amazing new ice cream range at 321 Kings Road

Ice cream with chocolate sardine

“The Pistachio is some of the best you’ll ever taste”

Time Out – Eating & Drinking 2010

“Best Ice Cream Parlour in the UK 2007”

The Independent

“Make sure you get a scoop”

Gordon Ramsay

You can choose either one scoop or two from our selection of four amazing flavours:

  • £2.95 one scoop
  • £3.95 two scoops

To Rococo-fy the ice cream we offer extras:

  • 40p for a sea salt or white cardamom chocolate wafer
  • 75p for a slated Caramel or Strawberry Toffee Chocolate
  • £2 for a solid dark chocolate sardine!


  • Vanilla
  • Pistachio
  • Salted Caramel
  • Raspberry Sorbet

We think this ice cream tastes so good we’d love to take credit for it but we should be honest and admit we found the most amazing supplier nearby at Oddonos who started making ice cream from scratch on a daily basis in July 2004 at their Artisan Laboratory in South Kensington, using their Grandmother’s recipes.

If you’re near Chester check out our recent post about the ice cream we serve there.


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