Come and meet the Chocolate Boat at Portsmouth Harbour Monday (May 21) morning at Gunwharf Quay

Sailing vessel Tres Hombres is on the last few days of it’s historic trans-Atlantic journey being the first “carbon neutral” delivery of chocolate, 24.000 bars to be precise. To celebrate their achievement crossing the world on wind energy and to hear all their stories and adventures first hand, we will be organizing all kinds of events, presentations and special chocolate tastings. May 19th in Portsmouth and between June 6 and June 16 in Amsterdam: meet the crew, talk to Mott and captain Jorne about the sailing, visit the boat and eat Grenada Chocolate…

The chocolate boat is due into Gunwharf Quay, Portsmouth on Monday morning May 21. You’re invited to visit Gunwharf Quay on Saturday, see the chocolate being unloaded, taste this award winning product and have a look around Tres Hombres.

Once the boat arrives to unload the first chocolate bars you will also be able to find the special Gru Grococo bar at Rococo

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