Chocolate Tasting with Raffaella Baruzzo in Barbican Centre – Eventbrite

Chocolate Tasting with Raffaella Baruzzo in Barbican Centre - Eventbrite

Raffaella Baruzzo is an lively and skilled entertainer. She succeed in engaging and guiding the audience trough the chocolates they are sampling. While her style is light and enjoyable, her knowledge of chocolate is impressive and covers everything, from chemistry to plants, recipes and industry trends.

A tasting session lasts around an hour and a half, during which Raffaella explains and guides the audience, tells stories and illustrates the secrets of cocoa. The guests are given samples of different chocolates, from bitter and intense to buttery and sweet. The selection of samples is designed to favour their understanding and it ranges from cheap commercial chocolate to pure and beautifully harmonious cocoa.

Raffaella encourages discussions and opinions and helps the audience to actively compare the samples, guess the aromas, and understand the more subtle differences and notes. The group is showed the peculiarity of a preparation, a recipe, a particular cocoa type or a way to process it.

Why a Chocolate Tasting?

Because during a tasting with Raffaella everyone in the room is involved in experiencing and understanding the reasons behind a particular recipe or preparation.

Chocolate is a well know and a very popular food, but a deeper understanding of it still remains limited to a small number of people.

The most interesting way to learn and understand the subtle essence of chocolate comes from direct experience, memorable information, essential insights and interesting stories.

Rafaella is an alumni of Rococo Chocolates where she served brilliantly for 8 wonderful years.

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