Chocolate Company to Ship 5 Tons of Dark Chocolate Sustainably

This spring, Mott Green, founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company, a Grenada-based tree-to-bar organic chocolate cooperative, will set out on a pioneering voyage to become the first chocolate maker to ship a mass quantity of chocolate sustainably. Green has teamed up with Netherlands-based shipping company FairTransport to ship five tons of the organic dark chocolate from Grenada to New York City; Portsmouth, England; and Amsterdam on the trade wind-powered sailing vessel Brigantine Tres Hombres. The voyage, taking place this March and April, marks the first ever carbon-neutral trans-Atlantic mass chocolate delivery.

Green, a former New Yorker who moved to Grenada in 1988 and founded the Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999, has built his own insulated cool room, powered solely by wind and sun, for the ship’s cargo hold. He will store five tons of his dark chocolate bars in the cool room and sail on the Tres Hombres as one of ten trainees, monitoring the cooling system throughout the trip.

The Brigantine Tres Hombres is a 32 meter, 165 ton brigantine square-rigged sailboat that can hold up to 30 tons of cargo. The boat has no engine and follows the trade winds across the Atlantic. The crew of five is due to pick up Green and his chocolate from Grenada in early March 2012 and deliver the first batch of chocolate to New York City’s Hudson River Park Pier 25 in early April (the exact date of arrival will depend on the trade winds).

via Chocolate Company to Ship 5 Tons of Dark Chocolate Sustainably | 2012-02-29 | World Trade 100.

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