Chantal’s recipe for Floral Cream Chocolates from Mastering the Art of Chocolate

lemon and olive oilFloral creams

You will need

  • 250g icing sugar (you may need more)
  • 2 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 30g double cream, or less if you are using rose water
  • rose, violet or any other floral essence – the total quantity of liquid which includes the cream must not exceed 50g. You can use essential oil, but they are really concentrated so you will need just one drop! Other options are syrups or floral waters, though they are very delicate and add lots of extra liquid to the mixture.
  • Food colouring if you wish
  • 3 x 70g bars of very good dark chocolate, high in cocoa butter such as Grenada Chocolate Co 60% or 72% or a mixture of both.
  • 1/2 a medium egg white


  1. Whisk your egg white until stiff then add lemon juice, followed by the sifted icing sugar, cream, flavour and colour (if desired) until you have a stiff paste. If it is too loose, keep adding sugar. You can roll into a log or pour into a silicone tray. Leave overnight to dry then create your discs of fondant with a cutter or a knife,
  2. Melt your chocolate ,very gently in a hain-rnarie, and dip the fondants quickly with a couple of forks. Decorate with crystallised rose petals. Place on silicone paper and in the fridge to cool fOI” a few hours, until set.
  3. If you know about how to temper chocolate you can do this, but I am assuming n.o knowledge here, and the chocolate will set by itself. Some people add a few drops of tasteless cooking oil to help with the dipping,

Easy crystallised rose petals

  1. Take about 20 perfect fragrant rose petals, (be sure they have not been sprayed with any pesticide), one beaten egg white, 200g fine castor sugar,
  2. Make sure that your petals are completely dry. Paint the egg white on both sides of the petal, dip in sugar so it is covered evenly, then place on a rack to dry overnight,
  3. The petals can be kept for a while in an airtight tin.

Rococo: Mastering the Art of Chocolate by Chantal Coady, will be published in November 2012, £30:00, Orion Books.

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