Brave New World: A+ Australian wine & chocolate tasting with Sarah Ahmed – The Wine Detective

Not one easter egg passed my lips this weekend.  Just a Lindt bunny so, champing at the bit, I fair trotted into town this week for my second ever wine and chocolate tasting.The first, at the World Wine Festival, Palais Coburg, Vienna, left me in no doubt that sweet, ripe-fruited red unfortified and fortified wines worked best.But doubt set in during this tasting, which was co-hosted by Wine Australia and Rococo Chocolates in the equally grand surrounds of Australia House.  Some refreshingly bravura chocolate and wine matches challenged convention, notably a positively inspired pairing of Rococo White chocolate Cardamom and Saffron Ganache & Innocent Bystander Moscato, Victoria 2011 pictured.  Just genius!On the nose,  the Chardonnay and Gewurtztraminer wittily chimed with each chocolate’s signature notes of sea salt, then roses, teeing up the taste buds.  Though the pairings didn’t take off in the mouth, there was no discord.  In fact, given my expectations, the pairings were disconcertingly jar-free!   I’m very sure a tribute to some very fine craftsmanship on the part of both chocolatier Rococo are the Academy of Chocolate’s Chocolatier of the Year 2011 and the winemakers.


Read Sarah’s notes on eight other wine/chocolates pairs at  Brave New World: A+ Australian wine & chocolate tasting | Sarah Ahmed – The Wine Detective.

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