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Take Chantal Coady. In 2008, the founder of bijou chocolate chain Rococo received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Chocolate. Fair dos, guys, the lady’s done a lot, but there’s also a lot of life in the gal yet. With a cocoa farm in Grenada, and heading up both the Campaign for Real Chocolate and The Chocolate Society, one might say she knows her craft.

And I suspect it takes more than a box of naff chocolate brazils and a tin of Quality Street (not so much living up to their expectant name these days, don’t you find?) to pull Chantal’s cracker come Christmas. Certainly not judging from the cocoa bean illustration and the smart, no-nonsense blue, gold and white livery of the box holding her new bible, ‘Rococo: Mastering the Art of Chocolate’.

The pud chapter will have the resolutions broken before they’re made, with mousses, cassatas and ice creams promising a sweet easing into the New Year. And surely the spring water ganache recipe has a place in even the most stringent dietary regime? The temptation doesn’t let up, a litany of brazen tarts, bakes and biscuits… Oh, hang on, granola. That Chantal does look after our health.

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