Book a class for February the 8th or 11th, Rococo Chocolates will show you how to create edible Valentines Day cards

Millie hearts

Millie hearts

Book a class at Rococo Chocolates for February the 8th or 11th, and a professional chocolatier will show you and your valentine how to craft beautiful heart-shaped chocolates and create edible Valentines Day cards. These special events will also give guests the chance to sample some of the divine delicacies available from Rococo Chocolateswhile learning about the history of chocolate.

For a Valentines Day date with a difference, book a special blindfolded chocolate tasting session for two at Rococo Chocolates. Couples will be able to feed each other a rich variety of chocolate samples and try to guess the flavour by relying on their senses of taste and smell. The Rococo Chocolates experts will also teach guests about the history of this indulgent treat.

via Rococo Chocolates make Valentines Day Sweeter | Battersea Buzz :Battersea Buzz.

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