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Who has not tucked into an after-dinner chocolate whilst finishing off a glass of red and experienced a strange tingling sensation when the two tastes meet? Well I can tell you – wine and chocolate matching is quite a challenging task. You need to think not only about the flavours of wine and the chocolate but also about the perceived sweetness of each.  Should we try to match the two anyway?  Isn’t cheese the best match for wine at the end of a meal? Maybe, but there is something delicious and rather naughty in having a piece of fine dark chocolate with a sip of Sauternes.

My favourite wine to match with a variety of flavoured chocs was Innocent Bystander Moscato 2011 – a lightly sparkling sweet pinky from Victoria.  The refreshing sweetness and gentle strawberry and raspberry fruit flavours worked well with white chocolate cardamom & saffron ganache, sea salt wafer and red berry ganache.

PS. One tip I learned is that the best storage temperature for quality chocolates is at 17C, which is not easy to achieve. The closest I could find is my wine fridge at 14C. Funny that hey?

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