A Trifle Rushed: Peppermint Bark – Let’s Make Christmas 2012

peppermint chocolate bark

One of the great things about this competition is being able to highlight the most unlikely, inventive and creative contributions, and this one certainly ticked all those boxes. If it looks like an unlikely combination you should feel challenged to make some – you certainly can’t buy anything like this as far as we know!

Here is my third placed Peppermint Bark, from this year’s Let’s make Christmas. (see my previous post for more details of the wonderful event, arranged by Vanessa Kimball, and hosted by Chantal Coady of Rococo Chocolates.)

I have checked on line and can’t find bark available to buy in the United Kingdom, Williams-Sonoma has it in the United States, but it is not available for import into Britain.  In other words if you want to give some as a gift at Christmas you will have to make some yourself.

Luckily, it is  pretty simple to make, and has a wonderful Christmassy look with the red and white candy cane colours.

Please take a look at Jude’s blog from comprehensive directions on how to recreate this masterpiece:

via A Trifle Rushed: Peppermint Bark – Let's Make Christmas 2012.

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