A childhood travelling the world has clearly left its mark on Chantal Coady.

Psychologies Magazine - Jan 2013

Psychologies Magazine – Jan 2013

The founder of Rococo Chocolates takes us through her most treasured possessions INTERVIEW PERRI LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY LAURA MCCLUSKY

A childhood travelling the world has clearly left its mark on Chantal Coady. Her father, a doctor specialising in tropical medicine, led his family to Tehran, Ethiopia and Qatar, among other farflung places, ensuring Coady and her four siblings were immersed in rich, visual culture from the off. Her south London home is testament to those early years, stuffed with vibrant. unusual objects and furniture that have a long history of their own.

For the past three decades, however, she’s been on much firmer ground. ‘I’ve lived in this house for 30 years. I came here when I was a studying textiles at Camberwell College of Arts – it was pretty derelict then: she explains. Later, her student digs became a family home, which she shares with her two children, Fergus, 15, and Milly, 13, and her husband James (who is also the managing director of Rococo Chocolates). Now no longer responsible for the day-to-day business she founded in 1983, she’s free to work on the creative side from a lofty room at the top of the house. ‘Once I go up there, mentally I enter a different space: she says. ‘When I have the right pen, the right ink, the right paper, I can get into the right zone:


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