Wills, Kate, and a few awards

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The Royal Wedding this week has brought out our romantic sides at Rococo. We don’t know exactly how William proposed, but we like to imagine that it began with them waking before dawn and getting into a little biplane for an adventure. Wills flew Kate over the Tanzanian border to take in sunrise over the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro before heading for a secluded spot in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley where only elephants and wildebeest could share their moment. They hiked to a rocky outcrop overlooking a vast plain, where William started rummaging around in the bottom of his rucksack. Kate thought he must have arranged a special lunch for them (or perhaps a special bar of chocolate), and couldn’t have been more surprised when he drew out that tiny little box. We loved the idea of their secluded proposal so much that Chantal, our founder, painted a picture of their engagement which we’ve turned into a limited-edition chocolate box.

The boxes come filled with either a hand-painted chocolate plaque 12 hand-made ganache chocolates. The ganaches (which won awards recently – more on that below) are his and hers chocolates with a red berry pate de fruit with raspberry ganache for William and a lemon and violet heart for Kate. The plaque is made with Valrhona’s Grand Cru 68% Nyangbo chocolate from Ghana with fair-trade vanilla from Ndali Vanilla in Uganda and crispy pieces of freeze-dried tropical fruits, hand-painted with an abstract pattern inspired by dawn over the Great Rift Valley. For each box sold Rococo Chocolates will make a donation to Build Africa, which uses education and income generation to empower people in Kenya and Uganda.

The wedding boxes are available only from Rococo Chocolates stores.

In other news, the Academy of Chocolate Awards for 2011 have just been announced! We won 10 awards including 4 gold (including 2 Best in Category) medals and 1 silver for our couture ganaches, which are handmade in small batches each week by Laurent and his elves and are only available in our own stores. But don’t worry if you can’t get to our shops easily because we have plenty of prize-winners online, including our favourite Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar, which won a gold medal. Other prize-winners were The Cat That Got The Cream box, our hot chocolate and the Basil & Persian Lime Artisan Bar, and we’re delighted that our friends at the Grenada Chocolate Company won a silver award for their 82% bar.

Update: We actually won 5 gold awards if you count the Gold award for our box packaging!

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