What’s the significance of the numbers 1473, 1476 and 1477 on the Rococo Dove Box?

The Létang company was founded in 1832 and developed its mould manufacturing activity over the last two centuries while respecting its family traditions. Its unrivalled know-how has increased over the years with technical progress and the discoveries of the 19th and 20th century. The tradition handed down to date comprises over 12,000 designs whose variety, quality and level of detail make them a collection that is unique in the world and that continues to grow through new creations.

via Létang Fils

An eagle eyed customer recently wrote to us asking why the “dates” 1476 and 1477 had been chosen, given Columbus didn’t find America and the cacao therein until 1492. The answer lies in the inspiration for all our packaging, which is based on the Létang fils mould catalogue which Chantal stumbled across in a Paris flea market. The numbers in fact refer to the mould numbers which appear alongside the designs, so the answer has nothing to do with anything from the 15th century New World, but everything to do with 19th century France!

Mixed Chocolate Selection in Dove Box by Rococo Chocolates Rococo Chocolates.

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