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Rococo, maker of witty trompe l’oeil chocolates that range from asparagus spears to sardines, also make traditional chocolate-covered, flower-scented creams but add geranium and lavender to the range.

The jasmine creams have an exceptional flavour – I dare say even better than roses. Each chocolate is topped with a large genuine sugared petal – which are also available loose from the shop and can be scattered on puddings.

The most stylish flowery gift of all, however, is Rococo’s boxed set of flower-scented chocolate bars, wrapped in foil and flower decorated paper. This is very superior chocolate, melting as you eat into a smooth cream with the hint of fruitiness. Nicest of all it is just small enough to put in an envelope, and sign with a question mark.

via Tried and tested: flowers in food – Telegraph.

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