Top Marks for Our Sea Salt Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar



Ok so I fell in love with Rococo’s novelty New Jersey Potatoes with Mint and yes, they proved that they could definately deliver on the novelty factor, but what is their actual chocolate like when it comes down to it just in a simple bar? As you all know I love chocolate & salt together now so this was the first bar I headed for of theirs, their Organic Milk Chocolate infused with Halen Mon Anglesey sea salt, apparently this is one of their most popular bars..and I can see why!

Firstly the bar is packaged beautifully, I love how different it is, with the inside detailing a little story about how all the bars of this range came together with the ornate Rococo prints covering it, you find the bar wrapped in a lovely silver foil just waiting to be unwrapped. You are presented with a nice sized bar with a good size of cube just perfect for snapping off and the smell of it is just divine, so fresh and salty/sweet at the same time, it reminded me of the smell of my local Fenwick’s food hall, with the smell from the Delicatessen (salt) merging with the sweetness from the chocolates sold there (sweet).

I was excited to snap my first little chunk off from this and oh, it was wonderful, if you like salted chocolates but don’t want anything to knock you away and think you are going past your 6g daily allowance then this if for you, the salt is present and makes an appearance but isn’t overpowering and doesn’t dominate the good chocolate flavour, just complementing it with a nice subtle tang balancing out the sweetness. Not only this but the chocolate provides a lovely melt and doesn’t have the grittiness that can sometimes be present in salted chocolates, it’s lovely and smooth and has a great construction as you can see in the picture below, lovely vanilla notes with a slight hint of fruitiness enchanced by a nice tang of salt! Yum!

  • Taste – 8.2/10 – Another lovely salted chocolate bar experience for me, not too salty, not too sweet, a Goldilocks experience!
  • Texture – 8/10 – Wonderful and smooth, glad it didn’t have the grittiness that is present in some salted chocolates.
  • Appearance – 8.7/10 – Love the different packaging that Rococo provide, so unique to anything available on the market.
  • Price – 7.4/10 – At £4.25 for a bar this is quite expensive but it’s what you generally pay for an Artisan bar like this.
  • Overall – 8.1/10 – An excellent product from Rococo, it seems their bars are just as tasty and delicious as their novelty products

via Lot-O-Choc.

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