The World of Chocolate Review for our 3 Bee Bar Set

Well we have a hot little threesome to review today from Rococo. Included in the Rococo Bee Bar range is an Organic Dark Chilli Pepper, Organic Milk 37% Cocoa and Organic Dark Earl Grey Tea.

The Packaging: As always their packaging never seems to date and is always simple but effective. The three bars have been enclosed in a clear plastic box and tied off with a blue ribbon which looks very twee and will make a fantastic present for someone.

The Chocolates:

Organic Dark Earl Grey Tea – I’m not a tea drinker so this is going to be interesting. There is a fantastic aroma coming from this bar and if you shut your eyes you can almost see ‘the ladies’ drinking their tea from fine bone china cups. It is a heavenly smell even for a non-tea drinker. The name Earl Grey was given to teas that contained oil or bergamot which is a citrus fruit. I really thought this chocolate was going to be offensive but it’s got a great flavour and the tea works really well with the chocolate.

Organic Dark – Early Grey Tea

Organic Dark Chilli Pepper – I’m not sure if this bar has been packaged properly as it is minus the foil? Each of the other bars have been wrapped in foil. This has given the chocolate a strange ‘paper’ flavour which you can taste right through to the end. When you first smell this bar you immediately get a rich aroma of tobacco. It’s really startling! The chilli heat is not overpowering and it certainly has a little kick!

Organic Dark – Chilli Pepper

Organic Milk 37% Cocoa – The aroma is not particularly h3 but this is a rich, sweet, creamy velvety smooth chocolate. I’ve already finished half of the bar and for me it’s all over too quickly. This particular chocolate is a blend of beans from the Grococo farm in Grenada.

Organic Milk – 37% Cocoa

I purchased this little gift pack the Rococo shop in Marylebone High Street for £4.95 which is reasonable considering they’ve done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is wrap it! Alternatively you can buy each bar for £1.25.

via The World of Chocolate: 3 Bee Bar Set – Rococo.

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