The Women of Chocolate – International Women’s Day

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There are a lot of women in chocolate making but for some reason they seem to be more hidden than the men. Where the guys seem to be happy to use their names and faces in their Twitter profiles and in the name of their endeavours, women give their chocolate shops more descriptive names and have symbolic images it seems. So I set out to uncover them.

Chantal Cody – Chantal of Rococo Chocolates is well known in the chocolate world and really to people who just buy fun but different chocolate. She says on Twitter “Founder of Rococo Chocolates, cocoa farmer in Grenada and London, wife and mother, cyclist, creative, foodie, juggling constantly” Her chocolates in Liberty were eye-catching and placed in direct eyesight which shows they have pull-power. The chocolate is different, innovative with use of flavour and in some cases they were groundbreaking in flavour combinations.

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