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Founded in 1983 by pioneer Chantal Coady, award winning thought leader and British chocolate authority, Rococo Chocolates is the luxury brand that has brought the joys of real chocolate to the British public. Coady has blazed the trail for the vibrant new chocolate scene in London today.

Rococo Chocolates tore up the rulebook, guiding the British palate away from industrially produced chocolate, and bringing a new lexicon of experiences to an appreciative public.  Coady’s commitment to a design philosophy is brought to life in the quirky and ever changing visual presentation of the chocolates and is expressed beautifully in the interior elegance and warmth of the Rococo retail stores;  she also restored taste back to it’s rightful number one position in the chocolate experience, fully engaging all the senses. With two distinct ranges: the “Rococo Couture” bespoke chocolates are freshly prepared daily by chocolatier Laurent Couchaux and are complimented by the stylish Artisan “Choc a Porter” range.

Not content with making some of the finest chocolate in the world, Rococo also partners with the radically different, super ethical Grenada Chocolate Company, with whom they have a small cocoa farm, called Grococo. It is in Grenada that the traditional subsistence model of cocoa farming has been turned upside down, to create a sustainable micro chocolate economy; adding 100% of the value at every stage of the chocolate making process where the cocoa is harvested.

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