THE GREAT CHOCOLATE CAKE-OFF: Winner Describes Her Experience

Competition winner Vijiti describes the story of entering and then winning the Chocolate Week Cake Off competition:

OMG I won!!!!!  I still can’t believe it and it’s been almost a day already!! My face hurts from smiling so much. It all started when I walked into Paul A Young’s chocolate boutique.   After purchasing some tasty chocolates (one of which was a white chocolate with rosemary, lavender and honey concoction) I was told about ‘London Chocolate Week’, a week full of chocolate exhibitors, events and competitions.

They called all 5 of us up to sit in the front and all the judges spoke of what they generally liked about the top 5 cakes – and none – not even one – said anything about my cake. They mentioned almost all of the cakes, some even twice, but nadda on mine. So as you can assume, Kanu and I thought not a winner but hey top 5 still rocks. Then they announced it….and the winner is…. the It’s-Got-It-All Chocolate Cake by Vijiti Dixit!! I could not stop smiling as each of the judges talked about how they loved the cake!! Some comments included:

“We went back for more of your cake”
“It was unanimous”
“The air bubbles in the cake were just perfect”

It was unbelievable being up on stage with them, hearing their encouragement to continue, getting their feedback and tips. I felt like a winner on a reality cooking show – paparazzi style photographers, people taking pictures of themselves with my cake, the cake being distributed to the audience 🙂 Kanu even saw one of the judges slice himself a take home piece. Like a true amateur I was smiling from ear to ear and gushing ‘I am so happy’ repeatedly.

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