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Who would have thought that chocolatiers and cake-bakers could be wealth indicators in an area? But if you think about it, those handmade truffles and macaroons can be bought only where disposable incomes are high. Even in these economically challenged times, though spending has been cut back on holidays it has increased on cupcakes. To seek out the most buoyant local property markets you could do worse than follow your sweet tooth.

Nowhere does it better than London’s Mayfair and Belgravia, where some of the most celebrated chocolatiers and patissiers sell their delicacies. You can wander to Rococo Chocolates, where real hens’ eggs filled with praline have been prepared for Easter, or to Peggy Porschen, who makes cupcakes for the stars; or chocolatier William Curley’s weekend workshops on sea-salt caramels and truffles. It is the sort of place where people still take afternoon tea in Edwardian style.

via The chocolate-lovers’ good homes guide – Telegraph.

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