The Chocolate Companion A Connoisseur’s Guide by Chantal Coady

This delightful book assembles the world’s finest chocolates in one unique guide celebrating – and rating – the most luxurious, romantic, and popular of sweets…and depicting them in more than 200 beautiful full-color illustrations. Among connoisseurs, the intricacies of making chocolates are as serious as those of making wine. Step beyond the world of chocolate-covered brazils to explore such exotic flavors as cardamom and Earl Grey. Discover the light silky texture of makers such as Robert Linxe, or the inventive Swiss classical variety of Sprungli. Learn the secrets behind the art of couverture and how it affects the taste and texture of fine chocolates so that you can truly appreciate fresh chocolate truffles and other chocolate delicacies. Each chocolate is analyzed in detail, with valuable tasting notes and details on seasonal specialties and availability. Only brands containing the highest-quality ingredients are included in the directory, so that whether you are a chocaholic searching for a new chocolate sensation or are looking for original gift ideas, The Chocolate Companion will guide you to quite simply the finest chocolates in the world.

This is out of print now but you can apparently still buy online at linked below:

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