The Candy Enthusiast reviews our Orange & Geranium Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

Orange & Geranium Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

This chocolate bar is a gift from my sister upon returning from a trip to Scotland. She knows that anything unique catches my eye, and that’s what prompted her thoughtful gift of this Rococo “Orange & Geranium” chocolate bar.

For a chocolate bar, it’s beautifully packaged. A orange wrapper with geometric shapes and a blue and white logo with hand written ink script in indigo ink. Has a very exotic and antique feel to it.

The bar is a minimum 65% dark chocolate, which is stated on the back of the wrapper by the ingredients. So really it lies in my favorite chocolate % (I prefer the 50% to 70% range). The wrapper has a long paragraph on it that explains the artistic nature of the chocolate bar. I was going to wait to read it so I could paraphrase it for you all here, but then I decided I didn’t care much for what they said, so I doubt you would too. Lets just say they put a lot of thought into the flavors of this bar.

Opening the bar the chocolate has a wonderful red/brown color to it and a pretty sheen. The aroma is extremely powerful with strong hints of spices and flowers. It’s intense and reminds me of a perfume shop.

The flavor is…sadly just as strange as it smells. It’s overwhelmingly soapy with flavors I can’t really describe but I know they’re flowery and strong. I don’t taste any orange at all in here, just this odd, odd taste.

I couldn’t take more than a bite of it since the flavor is just too much like soap. I couldn’t bear it. The additions to the chocolate just overpowered the flavors so much that it really ruined it for me. I hope to try some of their other flavor varieties sometime so my opinion is tainted by this one bar.

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  • Reply July 5, 2011


    I absolutely love the Orange and Geranium bar, as does everyone I have bought it for.


  • Reply July 5, 2011


    Thanks Lauren. It was a rather unusual description, but I guess it’s impossible to please everyone 🙂

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