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Chocoholics received good news this past week, with the report out of Ghana that consumers can now trace their cocoa beans straight to the source with a new tagging tool developed by CI World Helveta and Armajaro. With recent reports that employees linked to Hershey may be victims of human trafficking and other forms of abuse in both Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, the announcement from CI World and Armajaro is a welcome addition to help monitor the industry. While tagging may not reveal the exact profiles of workers, the presence of a monitoring body is sure to keep out some of the ills that plague the industry and at the very least allows consumers and watch-dogs to trace sacks of cocoa beans to areas where there are reports of abused child workers and victims of human trafficking.

CI World is a specialist in tracking commodities in supply chains and Armajaro is a commodities supply company, focused on sugar, coffee, and cocoa. The two entities partnered up in order to make cocoa beans traceable and in order to help consumers feel at ease about where their aphrodisiacs come from.

via Tagged Cocoa Beans Now Traceable From Ghana | Fast Company.


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    Annmarie Kostyk

    Excellent to know! I have taken the liberty to repost this on my chocolate blog as well. Thank you!

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    Annmarie Kostyk

    Tagged Cocoa Beans Now Traceable From Ghana…

    I found this post on Rococo Chocolate’s chocolate blog.  The chocolate industry has its dark side, and not in a good way.  There is a lot of human trafficking, child labor and slavery going on in the industry.  This is a start.  Perhaps we can st…

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