See our Turkish Delight featured in the launch issue of Turkish Delight Magazine

Turkish Delight Magazine

Turkish Delight is delighted to announce the December 2011 launch of its debut issue. The first English publication about Turkish cuisine, travel and lifestyle, Turkish Delight is inspirational reading for anyone who is interested in Turkey. Turkish Delight is the first magazine about Turkey to hit the shelves. We have an insider’s view of the heritage Turkey has, the hidden gems you can find when you turn the corner. They have not been mentioned in the media before, and they are waiting for you to discover them- the food, history, fashion, and places where you can be pampered.

We’re thrilled to have been mentioned in their first issue as a reference for the edible version when they show our box with the caption “Turkish Delight Rococo Style”. Ours contains a selection of lemon, rose, pistachio and hazelnut – little wonder it’s sold out at present 🙁

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