SARAH SLADE Focus editor, ELLE decoration, reveals some of her favourite things

Nothing makes me feel more on top of things than giving the drawers around my home a proper overhaul and getting them organised. Aside from rediscovering favourite things that have fallen by the wayside, it reminds me what I’ve actually got so 1 don’t end up buying things twice. I empty everything out, including the actual drawers themselves, 50 that I can really get rid of any dust and grime, I clean them with Maison Belle Eco All Purpose Cleaner in Orange and Lavender, which smells delicious as well as being eco-friendly.

I like to line my clothes drawers with Crabtree & Evelyn’s scented paper (from £12; it’s quite an old-fashioned thing to do, but I love catching a waft of it when I’m searching for something.

In the living area my desk drawers get all the attention. I find subdividing the spaces with pretty boxes helps keep everything in place. I’m addicted to buying greetings cards and postcards, so I store them in a big wooden box with stamps, envelopes and coloured pens-. that way they’re all in one place when I want to send someone a note. Underneath this goes all the wrapping paper and tags, as well as Sellotape and scissors, and I keep loose trimmings such as ribbons together in a big decorative Rococo Chocolates box.

via Elle Decoration

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