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lavender bar

by Judith Lewis

I received a set of 5 chocolate bars from Rococo. They included lavender in the mix and a geranium and orange. I was a bit surprised as I thought the 2 florals might overpower the other bars but I also wonder if this isn’t just a theme of the chocolate – a hint of floral running through all bars regardless.

Some chocolate aficionados don’t think milk chocolate is high quality but I really like it. I may not eat a whole bar of it at once but neither do I do that with dark chocolate. I like a wide range of chocolate really and a good milk chocolate is absolutely delightful! There is nothing wrong with liking milk chocolate if that is what you prefer and there is a wide range of milk chocolate available that is high quality and delicious.

This milk chocolate is interesting with a malted flavour and a delicious deep milk flavour. I note that there is a slight flavour of something floral – I’m guessing geranium or lanender but this could have been because of the other bar included in the pack. This luckily doesn’t detract from the bar and it is still lovely and really most people are not going to let this melt slowly in their mouths and try and discern each individual flavour – they are going to enjoy eating it!

The sea salt isn’t too intense and for me that makes it delightful because I’m not a huge fan of intense salt flavours in my chocolate. I don’t want the salt to be front and centre and here it really comes through gently. The chocolate isn’t too sticky as some milk can be. The milk chocolate is delicious and I ate a lot in a single sitting! This is a 37% bar and I think they could even go slightly darker and keep this bar yummy.

I’ve really enjoyed this one because the salt was not overwhelming and the flavour was really nice. The flavours, which slightly muted, were delightful and more complex than a bulk standard bar. This is going to be a good cross-over bar. Those worried that quality chocolate is too complex and too fancy with not much difference in flavour (an accusation also levelled at wine), try this bar. Your mind will be completely changed!

While possibly not everyone’s idea of quality (we are all individuals), this bar is going to offer a high quality experience to anyone looking for more than just another bar of milk chocolate. The wrapper is unique and while no longer sporting the typical white and blue, it still brings that colour scheme through in the tiles selected to be represented on the wrapper. All in all a delightful chocolate bar.

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    Soiunds delightyful as I’m in west wales where do I precure such a divine product?

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