Rococo lays it on the table with a new range of aprons and table cloths



As well as their wonderful chocolates Rococo has long been famed for the attractive blue and white packaging which depicts antique French chocolate

moulds.  Now they have produced a number of household products using this distinctive design.

The oiled table cloths not only enhance the whole room but are also extremely practical, as any spillage can easily be wiped off, warm plates will not harm the table and it is a perfect surface for children to work on.

The 1.45m wide table cloths are available in various lengths: 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m or to order, and retail at £45 per metre Oiled aprons beautifully finished with white ties and neck bands are also available for both adults and children, again a godsend in the  kitchen and a great laundry saver…

Adult aprons retail at £30

Children’s aprons at  £17.50

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