Rococo features in Top 10 High Street Chocolate Bars

When I go looking for chocolate in the supermarket or on the high street, what do I choose?  I’ve been asked this question so many times and sometimes it is actually related to my mood – do I want something sweet, high quality, chewy, filling… what do I want out of a chocolate bar at the point at which I’m being asked.

When I was asked to choose my top 10 however, I got a chance to think about it, really ponder it and also take a trip to the supermarket and really test some of the chocolate I hadn’t reviewed that had come on to the scene lately.

Rococo Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar – Available from Waitrose – This milk chocolate is interesting with a malted flavour and a delicious deep milk flavour. I note that there is a slight flavour of something floral. The sea salt isn’t too intense and for me that makes it delightful because I’m not a huge fan of intense salt flavours in my chocolate. I don’t want the salt to be front and centre and here it really comes through gently. The chocolate isn’t too sticky as some milk can be. The milk chocolate is delicious and I ate a lot in a single sitting! This is a 37% bar and I think they could even go slightly darker and keep this bar yummy.

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