Rococo Chocolate School offers the perfect antidote; small, affordable and perfectly informed classes

Chocolate School

‘Chocolate school! What chocolate school?’ I hear you say. That’s exactly what I thought when we stumbled across it online. Unaware that this heavenly school existed and feeling like I’d been missing out, I immediately arranged a class – ‘The Perfect Truffle’. Described as ‘the natural progression from the Tempering class’, this next step elaborates on how to make a chocolate truffle.

Classes at colleges and evening courses at universities can often be long and expensive, Rococo offers the perfect antidote; small, affordable and perfectly informed classes that not only exceed expectations, but create the perfect afternoon out for individuals with a love of, you guessed it, chocolate. Having learnt about the more specific facts behind the chocolate, Laurent started to explain how to make the perfect Ganache, the smooth truffle filling. To our horror, we’d all been making it very wrong. Of course, making a quick Ganache won’t hurt anybody, but if you are going to do it, you may as well do it like a master chocolatier.

If you want to know how to create perfect Truffles or the art of Tempering, get yourself down to 5 Motcomb Street, Rococo’s flagship store, it’s truly magical. The contents, the story and the offerings far exceed similar London chocolatiers. Just like all its delicately wrapped chocolates and confectionary, 5 Motcomb Street is as pretty as a picture. The added bonus that you can be a part of it all, even just for a few hours, is a real treat and the gift of a class to yourself or a loved one is something I highly recommend you should definitely do.

Rococo School also have a wide variety of fun & delicious parties and workshops for large groups including; Make your own truffles, Dip & Sip Chocolate Party, Temper and Make your own chocolate, Rococo Educational Workshops for children aged 8-11 and Hen parties with a difference.

Please follow the link for a much more detailed description: Rococo Chocolate School.

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