Range of chocolates supporting the Africa Blossoms campaign



Chantal Coady, owner of Rococo Chocolates, hosted a party on behalf of the Africa Blossoms campaign to launch her commemorative Royal Wedding chocolates.

Everyone there also had the opportunity to learn how young girls in rural East Africa are able to stay longer in school and get a decent education with Build Africa’s help.  As a result of Build Africa’s gender work, girls are benefiting from better access to sanitary pads meaning they no longer have to stay at home during their periods,  separate toilets giving them the privacy they need, and health clubs where they can learn about avoiding HIV and teaching them about safer sexual behaviour.  Girls also benefit from Build Africa’s training programmes:  these encourage more child-centred learning methods in the classroom and more girl-friendly school development policies.

Women are also benefiting from access to savings and loans provided by the Village Savings and Loans Associations.  The loans members can take from the associations  give all their members the chance to set up or expand their own businesses.  Over 65% of the members of these associations are women as they recognise the opportunity to gain economic independence and provide more easily for their families.

The evening was a great success: the chocolates were delicious as was the award winning Chapel Down fizz, kindly donated by Lamberhurst Vineyards and we would like to thank not only Chantal for hosting the event but Lamberhurst Vineyards for providing the wine. We would also like to thank Chantal and Rococo Chocolates for donating £2,000 of the proceeds from the sale of the Out of Africa chocolates to the Africa Blossoms Campaign.

Chantal is also cycling from London to Paris to raise money for the Africa Blossoms Campaign.  If you want to help her on her way, you can make a donation on her Just Giving page

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