Quick résumé on the BONBON shop at Belmont estate, Hermitage St Patricks.

James Booth and Chantal Coady visited the Grenada Chocolate factory outlet shop many times last week when they were in Grenada – not long opened, and making bonbons from the delicious locally made bean to bar chocolate.

The Grenada Chocolate factory is just up the road, so melting down bars, and creating water based ganaches (cream is hard to come by and the factory has vegan philosophy) using the award winning organic chocolate as a base and a coating.

All local ingredients –

  • River’s Rum
  • guava
  • mango
  • passion fruit
  • dried bananas
  • star fruit
  • cocoa nib
  • coconut
  • conception fruit
  • soursop

to name but a few.

One small problem, everything produced daily in the morning, but lunch time most of the bonbons have sold out. Hope to be able to help smooth out this supply side.

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