PatternLondon: Rococo Chocolate Box So Pretty

Rococo Chocolates are the pinnacle of what one wants from a chocolate; the taste is rich, sweet and varied. The chocolates are well made, neatly formed and not too big. Most of all though, until a chocolate has established itself through taste, it must rely upon the packaging to sell what it holds- it is a visual substitute for the promise of the eventual taste.

This is where Rococo excels. The packaging stands out for its elaborate packaging which can be neatly applied to all manner of boxes and wrapping. I had often wondered where the packaging had come from. By looking at the images, it seemed clear that the images were for highly detailed chocolate moulds. The ordering of the moulds by number appeared as though the prints were taken from a catalogue of some sort. After browsing through Rococo’s blog, I discovered that the design has actually been reproduced from an 1850’s series of French chocolate moulds that were used to order from, much like the pattern books I spoke of in an earlier blog post.

These photographs were taken from a wall decorating the exterior of the Marylebone branch of the shop. Delicious.

via PatternLondon: Rococo Chocolate Box So Pretty.

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