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by Silvana de Soissons•14th June 2011

The chocolate shop Rococo in Motcomb Street, Belgravia, is not as you would expect it to be. In this very refined enclave of London’s uber rich residents and tenants of the Grosvenor Estate, arriving at Rococo is surprisingly like entering a friend’s living room (with a chocolate shop attached).

There is an area at the back with rattan chairs, squashy cushions and pretty hung pictures where you can sit, relax, read a book or a magazine and drink tea, coffee, or of course a hot chocolate, while eating a slice of cake. The interior of the shop is not at all pretentious or rarefied. At the front, directly positioned in the light of the window, there is a big homely wooden table, where mothers sit and chat, while their children eat chocolates, play and are admired by the cooing sales assistants.

The shop is decorated in bright, cheery colours, and it is festooned and adorned as if a party is about to be held there. The salesgirls, Sara, Alice and Serafina are very friendly, chatting away about the chocolate courses that they hold there, with both children and adults. They show me the demonstration kitchen below, where Laurent Couchaux, the master chocolatier, used to teach chocolate tempering classes, but they explain that most of the production of Rococo chocolates now takes place in a warehouse in West Dulwich. In this kitchen they teach school children, and sometimes there are parties booked here, where children are shown the cacao pods, beans, nibs and butter and the whole chocolate making process from tree to truffle.

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