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With so many products around this Easter sometimes it is hard to find something really different out there, so many Easter Eggs, chocolate chicks, chocolate bunnies, but these Praline City Farm Animals definately offer a different take on the traditional Easter chocolate approach. A selection of 4 different types of cute farm animals filled with a delicious hazelnut praline these animals provide a tasty yet cute and novel approach to Easter Chocolate!

As usual with Rococo products these farm animals are packaged wonderfully and you can see their cute little faces peeking out from inside just begging to be eaten up. On opening and tipping out the contents you eventually get to meet the cast of the City Farm and I just loved how many different options there were for all choclate lovers; a white chocolate sheep; a marbled milk & white chocolate hen; a milk chocolate duck and finally a dark chocolate bunny, so much choice, and all filled with a wonderfully creamy hazelnut praline.

You can see how cute these little animals are, and I felt slightly mean cutting them in half and gobbling them up but I was so pleased that despite their novel appearance taste wasn’t compromised, these are quite a sweet praline but not over poweringly so, I suspect that the extra sugar was added to appeal to children; however the sweetness is not too much and the flavour still ticked all the boxes for me & I’m sure many adults alike. Despite the sweeter praline the hazelnut flavours were still allowed to come through & allowed for a wonderfully sweet hazelnut experience; these reminded me of a far better quality, less sickly sweet version of Guylian Sea Shells.

In terms of texture these are divine, the praline is so smooth and moreish and the variety of chocolate animals in the bag just means that you can keep popping these in one after the other without it ever getting too much, fancy something a bit sweeter head for the sheep or something a bit darker how about a bunny? Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the sheep, I know this from a general white chocolate hater, but overall I loved them all and quite easily demolished the lot over a space of a few days. These cute Praline City Farm will not only appeal to all the children this Easter but I would also recommend them to any adults out there who love their pralines and like something a bit novel!

  • Taste – 7.7/10 – A sweeter than usual praline but still extremely tasty and the variety of chocolate options offered is a real selling point.
  • Texture – 8.2/10 – A wonderful creamy praline texture, not gritty or grainy whatsoever.
  • Appearance – 9.2/10 – As usual Rococo never fails to let me down on the appearance of the product, I just love their novel approach.
  • Price – 7.3/10 – At £6.25 these are quite fairly priced and a nice small little treat for someone in your life.
  • Overall – 8.2/10 – Another wonderful product from Rococo perfect for the Easter season!

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