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Nipples of venus

Ooh its been quite a while since I’ve reviewed anything from Rococo so I thought it was about time that I whipped another one of their novel creations out of the bag to try; this time their “Venus Nipples” an erotic take on chocolate consisting of a coffee ganache enrobed in white chocolate and topped with a chocolate coffee bean nipple, very saucy haha!

I love it when chocolate companies invent something different and fun like this, Rococo is renowned for their multiple delicious novel chocolate inventions and there is a chocolate really for every occasion. Whilst elegant chocolates have their place in the market for finer events; I believe these nipple shaped chocolates would go down a treat for a Hen-Do, Valentine’s Day or as a cheeky gift to your fellow chocolate lover…but do they taste good?! The eternal question.

On reading the ingredients on the back of the packaging it came to my attention that there was both Tia Maria & Vodka in the chocolates, oh dear, I know how much I hate alcohol in chocolates..well when its strong anyway, I normally can’t stand it and I really was looking forward to a more overall coffee flavour in these and really hoped that the double whammy of spirits wouldn’t knock my socks off.

Thankfully my socks stayed firmly on my feet, the alcohol was barely recognisable offering just a slight background flavour and doing the job of preserving the ganache centre..which I must say was out of this world in terms of taste & texture. The coffee flavour, was light, subtle and almost like a milky cappuccino when paired with the sweeter, creamy, vanilla white chocolate being neither too bitter nor too sweet occupying a nice middle ground in the middle..and the texture…

Well the texture was the stuff of heaven, it seemed when you biting into it you were biting into a pillowy cushion of love, the chocolate gave way as if it was almost chewy yet it was so undeniably smooth and luxurious melting away on the mouth with the chocolate nipple coffee bean top adding a nice piece on top to munch through. Even the proportion of the chocolate was pretty much perfect with the filling and the enrobed chocolate being in the perfect ratio to create a really satisfying delicious nipple chocolate.. All too often women are questioned what they would rather have..sex or chocolate? Heck, why not combine the two and eat these Rococo Venus Nipples..I know that’s what I’d do yum!

  • Taste – 9/10 – The nicest coffee chocolate I’ve tried, light, subtle and deliciously creamy.
  • Texture – 9.1/10 – The stuff of heaven, literally melted away with an extremely luxurious feel.
  • Appearance – 8.7/10 – A really unique novel approach to chocolates, may not be appropriate for everyone but heck if you don’t laugh and enjoy these you really need a humour transplant!
  • Price – 7.7/10 – These are priced at £12.50 for 10 nipples, much better than other cheap gags you might buy for a hen night!
  • Overall – 8.6/10 – Another delicious creation from Rococo.

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