Lot-O-Choc reviews our Rococo Cinnamon Milk Bar 37%

Cinnamon Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar

Cinnamon Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar

I can’t believe I used to hate cinnamon, it wasn’t even a mild dislike, it was a full on detest, of where I couldn’t stand it near anything I ate/drank; oh how times have changed, I find it so strange how tastes can just change like that and how I absolutely adore anything with cinnamon in it now, especially when it contains chocolate!

Although I have tried quite a few products from Rococo I have only yet to sample one of their actual Artisan Bars, so I was quite looking forward to tucking into something that wasn’t meant to be novel or cute but was meant to be enjoyed just for its pure quality of how it tasted and melted in the mouth. The bar itself consists of a 37% milk chocolate with cinnamon sprinkled throughout; I love how smooth and shiny these Rococo Bars are, they just scream quality, the sheer gloss of the chocolate is enough to almost see your reflection in and is a far cry away from the waxy textures that can so often be experienced with poor chocolates. (our emphasis, sorry, couldn’t resist.)

The aroma of the bar was quite deep, my nostrils met a woody deep smell as I held the bar to my nose and you can certainly tell that it’s cinnamon you are about to experience, there’s no doubt about that, and it certainly packs some flavour within the bar.

Ever so often throughout the bar you are met with the occasional grittiness of the cinnamon ,which did put me off slightly; despite cinnamon obviously having to be present in the bar I just wish that the sandy texture that it can so often leave in your mouth could have been reduced slightly. By no means was it unpleasant, it wasn’t at the stage where it felt scratchy, I just really look forward to a nice creamy sensation with my milk chocolates and the prescence of the texture of the cinnamon stole this from the milk chocolate for this bar unfortunately.

This bar was nearly there for me; however it just missed the mark of where I would say “wow”, maybe I shall just have to continue my hunt for the perfect Cinnamon Chocolate, after so many years of disliking it I’m sure I can find it out there somewhere!

  • Taste – 7.2/10 – The milk chocolate was pleasant but the cinnamon was just slightly too bitter and woody for me.
  • Texture – 6.8/10 – The grittiness of the cinnamon just ruined it slightly for me.
  • Appearance – 7.7/10 – Another wonderful looking bar from Rococo, gorgeously smooth and shiny.
  • Price – 7/10 – This bar is priced at £4.25, it is a good price for an Organic Artisan bar and I would probably pay this once to try it, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again.
  • Overall -7.2/10 – Definately one to try, but probably not one to go back to.

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