Lot-O-Choc reviews our Minted Jersey New Potatoes

I’d heard about Rococo chocolates for quite a while, based in London they produce a wonderful range of various unusual flavours of bars along with some completely astounding works of chocolate art. It was out while I was shopping that I noticed these little beauties and it wasn’t until picking up the packet to look at them that I saw they were Rococo, perfect, just what I had wanted to sample.

They completely stood out to me from the shelf, they were so different to anything I had seen before and looked so realistic I started to question whether they were actually Jersey Potatoes, the detailing on them is so life-like. On buying them I didn’t even actually read what they were or what was in them, I presumed from their outer exterior that they were solid white chocolate potatoes and although I am not a big fan of white chocolate I just had to have these, they were too amazing to resist!

However when I got them home I was greeted by an even more pleasant surprise, these potatoes weren’t solid white chocolate as they first appeared but on biting into them you are greeted with the most wonderful surprise, a delicious almond praline encased in a thin layer of dark chocolate before being dipped in their white chocolate exterior creates a perfectly contrasting chocolate. They provide a lovely flavour of almond complete with crunchy almond nibs given a lovely crunch throughout, the filling is quite dry compared to other pralines I have had but it is with this dryness that stops them becoming overly sickly and makes them one of those chocolates that you literally can’t stop eating, you just want to keep popping them in one after the other. Along with the potatoes in the bag there are also lovely pieces of crystalised mint throughout that provide something a bit different in there, I thought this was a lovely addition.

via Lot-O-Choc Rococo New Jersey Potatoes with Mint.

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