Lot-O-Choc: review gives 8.1/10 to Rococo Quail’s Eggs

It seems that Rococo have brought out a couple of praline filled treats for Easter this year and these Quail’s Eggs seem to be the adult version of the Praline City Farm, with a fine sugar shell these eggs are filled with a sumptuous hazelnut praline and look so life like its almost unreal! I can never understand how Rococo make their products look so realistic but manage to keep so much wonderful flavour in their chocolates & these Quail’s Eggs definately lived up to their usual standards in terms of appearance.

Flecked with splashes of colour & slightly larger than a Mini Egg these Quail’s Eggs looked like they were going to be a satisfying treat, and filled with a hazelnut praline? Well what more could I ask for really? Inside the bag you are greeted with 17 large substantial eggs and on popping one into your mouth it is such a wonderful pleasant experience.

I was worried that the shell was going to be thick and crunchy, much like that of a normal Mini Egg, but it is far superior, the fine sugar shell is just light enough to hold inside the smooth hazelnut praline without  ruining the perfect texture but offering a nice crumble melt in the mouth sensation.

The praline in these is definately less sweet than that of the City Farm, which seems more appropriate as these are most likely aimed more at adults, it is extremely deep and has wonderful rich cocoa & hazelnut flavours without the higher tangs of sugar you may find in other pralines out there. The texture is so smooth & moreish and you just want to keep popping one of these in one after the other! However the good thing about these Quail’s Eggs are that they are extremely rich, the praline is of such a deep flavour that you probably couldn’t eat a lot of these in one go, meaning that they’ll go much further than your usual Mini Eggs and pack a whole lot more flavour; they may not be as cute as the Praline City Farm but these are delicious & so amazingly realistic, such a work of art that you may feel slightly bad once these are all gone!

  • Taste – 8/10 – An amazingly rich sumptuous hazelnut praline encased in a light sugar shell.
  • Texture – 8.6/10 – The texture in these is gorgeous, sometimes a crunchy exterior could distract from the smooth filling but certainly not in these eggs.
  • Appearance – 9.3/10 – As usual the creativitity in Rococo’s products is superb.
  • Price – 7.6/10 – At £8.95 they may not be your perfect product for Easter especially with them all being the same type of egg, but you do get 17 large substantial eggs.
  • Overall – 8.1/10 – Another lovely product from Rococo but would think this one is more for the adults than the children.

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