London to Paris for BuildAfrica Day 2: Calais To Abbeville

Ferg adopts Nicky – out of the retail park where the hotel is located – up a hill and down another long one, more horrible large gravel chips on road surface. Suppose they are designed for tractors and lorries, certainly not the soft tarmac promised by one of the crew.

The pretty houses and gardens made up for it, and soon we were passing black slate roofed steeples and sylvanian scenes – then the killer hill – huge sharp slope, and knees not warmed up. I went as far as I COULD and then got off and pushed to the top. Came to a beautiful plateaus of wheat fields, the early morning cloud and mist started to burn off and the chill with it. Undulating hills with some more big ones before the waterstop.

One rider in front of me got cramp in his foot and helfway up the final accent he fell sideways off his bike and into a ditch as he trued to get the cleat off – letting rip a volley of expletives. We stopped to pick him up and pushed the last hundred yards… Next leg til lunch pretty tough, the beautiful Abbey de Valloirs immediately afterwards, at the top of another sharp incline – the most beautiful field of wild flowers. More beautiful countryside – lots of undulations, and finally to Abbeville around 5pm.

London to Paris cycle ride on 27th July. I would really appreciate it if you sponsored me – a fiver would be brilliant, I know that there are lots of demands all the time. My page is

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